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All PhD/Masters writing includes online feedback/discussion session(s).

Corrections help to:
  • make sentences grammatically correct
  • remove errors
  • make the meaning clear when it is difficult to understand
  • impose conventions of style to conform to standard English


Skype feedback/discussion session(s) to answer questions or go over suggested changes

Comments to help you understand the reasons for corrections

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About me

Hi! My name is Jason.

I have taught English in Australia, France and Sweden since 1999. I am a registered Cambridge oral examiner and a qualified English language teacher.

I have travelled widely in Asia and Europe to over 20 countries. In 1996 I travelled by land from China to London through Central Asia and the Russian Federation. In 1999 I moved to France to learn French. After living and working in France for two years I travelled back to Australia, this time taking the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing and then travelling through China to Tibet and onto Nepal. I love travelling and experiencing new cultures.

I grew up on islands in North Queensland, Australia. On Green Island there was no school so I had to do “distance education” (school by mail) for 2 years. I believe that the Internet can help you with your English just as “distance education” helped me with my education.

Jason Grice

Academic Qualifications
Cambridge Certificate in English Teaching to Adults (CELTA).

Bachelor of Arts Honours Class IIB in Philosophy

Bachelor of Arts, double major in Philosophy and major in Psychology

Registered Cambridge Oral Examiner for FCE and CAE

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